Busy Hands: Vermicompost Bins Workshop

Busy Hands: Vermicompost Bins Workshop

Stratford Perth Museum - Line 34, Stratford, ON N5A 6S6, Canada

Busy Hands: Vermicompost Bins Workshop

Date: Saturday, April 20 2024

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Supplies: All Included by the Worm Wrangler - Rubbermaid bin to house your worms, shredded cardboard bedding, red wiggler worms, and hands-on setup of your compost bin

Project: Make your own Vermicompost Bins.

Price: $100.00 plus tax

Location: Stratford Perth Museum

This how-to vermicompost workshop is perfect for anyone who is interested in reducing their food waste footprint, creating nutrient-rich compost for their plants, or just wants to learn more about red wigglers. Come learn how to vermicompost! No experience necessary – all are welcome.

During this workshop, you will learn about the benefits of vermicomposting, how to set up a vermicomposting system, and tips for keeping your worms happy and healthy (and your worm bin for getting gross). We’ll set up your new vermicompost bin together, talking about each part that goes into it and how to manage each component going forward.

Workshop Leader:
Worm Wrangler: Amanda Hunter 

Amanda Hunter is the Worm Wrangler! She has both an M.Sc. and B.S.A. in soil science! Amanda’s passions lies in exploring soil health and ecology, minimizing contributions to landfill, and sharing about composting with kids and adults. She thrives on empowering people to make positive changes in their community and the environment. Vermicomposting lies at an interesting intersection of soil, environment, community and curiosity. Amanda’s favorite thing to do is teach people about vermicomposting and how they can use it in their own lives to reduce their environmental impact.

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Stratford Perth Museum - Line 34, Stratford, ON N5A 6S6, Canada